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Art meets science

On the science communication blog “Oceans and the Seas”, art meets science. We communicate cutting-edge marine research in a novel and easily accessible way by providing a platform for illustrators and researchers to engage. Science communication is what makes research matter. We hope we can spread some of the excitement and passion that we share for the marine environment to contribute towards better understanding and more effective conservation.

Join the staff!

Alina Loth
PhD candidate
University of St Andrews

Alina is a biologist and illustrator. When she is not busy writing her PhD and doing fieldwork, she loves science communication, drawing and editing. Her research passions are animal behaviour, communication and conservation.

Gustav M. Meibauer
PhD candidate
London School of Economics

Gustav researches on international relations, foreign policy, and state behaviour. Any time he can spare, though, he likes to spend on fascinating discoveries, weird animals, mythological monsters, and great adventure on the seas and beyond.

Dr. Frederike Hanke
University of Rostock

Frederike is working a Postdoc at the Marine Science Center Rostock. She is interested in all kind of aspects of seal vision, but also conducts comparative sensory and cognitive studies including cephalopods.

Stephan Reck
Web development
Ingolstadt University

Stephan studied marketing, sales and media at Ingolstadt University and is fascinated by all kinds of digital stuff . Besides supporting the realization of this project with graphics and animations he also handles web development issues.

guest authors
Dr. Tania Mendo Aguilar University of St Andrews
We are currently a small team of web designers, artists and researchers (most often both) and we would love your feedback and input! So don’t be shy and drop us a line with your thoughts! And if you do like what we are doing, please feel free to share the word and help us communicate what we think matters. YOU ARE A RESEARCHER and would like to see your project illustrated? Let us know! YOU ARE AN ARTIST and would like to contribute to the communication of research by illustrating with us? Let us know! YOU ARE AN ARTIST AND RESEARCHER?

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